About USB 3.0

The moment that you find yourself watching the TV or simply staring at, waiting for people to have the files transferred, this is the time when the minutes would only feel like seconds, and the hours would only feel like a couple of minutes. Scenarios which involve particular thing,  is the greatest impact may be felt from the SuperSPeed USB. There are now about 17 certified products of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 that have been brought to the people, and this includes adapter cars, as well as motherboards and certain hard drives.

When you’re in front of your PC, waiting for something to transfer to removable media, that’s when seconds feel like minutes, and minutes feel like hours. And a data storage scenario, such as that one, is where the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0′s greatest impact will be felt first. As of CES, 17 SuperSpeed USB 3.0-certified products were introduced, including host controllers, adapter cards, motherboards, and hard drives (but no other consumer electronics devices). Still more uncertified USB 3.0 products are on the way, and they can’t get here fast enough.

small version of the USB 3.0 cable / plug for use in mobile devices and cell phones. USB 2.0 canles can be used to charge USB3 devices but the new microUSB3 plug will not fit into slots made for micro USB2 cables.

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